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For this project, I was commissioned to create a high-end video commercial promoting the Bahamas experience, lifestyle, and luxury-feel that the Moorings boats provide. Through scripting, shooting, video editing, and post-production, various versions of this video were created to adhere to different needs and different markets.
As a measure of the project’s intensity of work, a metric is shown below:

Video Editing 85%
Post Production 95%
Scripting and Pre Production 75%

Our Proven Process, Produces Results


Throughout the entire process, communication is number one in our list of priorities. We make sure to keep you posted EVERY step of the way so you can sleep better knowing where we are, and what we are doing at all times!


Our core in our strategy has always been proper planning. Once we design and develop a overall direction and development path, we make sure we research all items involved in its implementation. Once we have all necessary data, we move forward.


All collected data gets properly applied and implemented in a way that optimizes our development and increases our productivity and timeframe. In this area we take the very best talent and put in into good use by making sure every essential piece of the puzzle gets the attention that deserves for a perfect result.


Once the project gets completed, we focus on not just testing but retesting every inch of our projects. Big or small, all projects go on a rigorous testing phase to ensure our high standards of production.


This the easy part. This is where we give you everything you asked fore and more. When you work with us, you always own all of the work we do for you. We deliver all assets as we make them for future use and make sure your project is up and running as you envisioned it while making ensuring our highest level of quality and professionalism we can offer.

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Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination

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